Ethical Pork farm produces highest quality rare breed pork and bacon that can be purchased by email order . The farm breeds and fattensexclusively full bred Tamworth pigs that are well known for their excellent taste. These outdoor  animals are kept in family groups and live in a natural environment in forests where they graze on clean land. The farm has been placed on the High Welfare Pork Directory because of high animal welfare standards.

 At times, "Forest Pig Spotting" is organised.  Please sign up for the Newsletter (contact us page) for the latest updates on this and other news.

Tamworth Pigs

Pigs are highly intelligent and very hygienic animals. As a gregarious animal, they need to live in family groups where they learn and display a wide variety of social manners and herd behaviour. The Tamworth pig is an original Irish pig, Irish Grazer, that got its name from the village Tamworth in England, whereafter the pig was re-introduced in Ireland (or so the story says)

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Animal Welfare

Ethical Pork pigs are free range. They live in a natural environment (forests) until slaughter at the age of 8-12 months. Sows with their newborn piglets are kept at the farm (to keep them safe from  poachers, foxes and and fox hunts), where they live outdoors with good shelter and straw as bedding. They are transferred back to the forests when their piglets are large enough (around 3 months of age). Ethical Pork pigs are never castrated or spayed, not nose-ringed or tail /teeth clipped but left as entire pigs, exactly the way they were born and as Nature intended.

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Meat Quality

The meat quality of Ethical Pork is exceptional. Dry cured hams and large roasts like shoulder and belly, etc. are receiving high customer satisfaction while the sausages are "the best in the land" according to a customer. Loin chops can be fried in their own fat and prepared without any additives (salt, pepper, spices, etc.) as they taste so good on their own! All meat and fat comes from the same pig herd and is fully traceable (Herd no.: ZQ139).

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