“ETHICAL PORK”           Price list from May 2017



Loin Chops                              €22.85/kg

Gigot chops                             €18.25/kg

Sausages                                  €19.85/kg

Jumbo Sausages                    €17.40/kg

Minced Pork                           €16.85/kg

Cheek (full)                             €24.35/kg

Cheek Medallions                  €32.60/kg

Fillet                                         €32.15/kg

Pork Ribs                                 €13.35/kg

Shoulder Roast                       €21.35/kg

Belly Rib-in                             €18.30/kg

Loin, bone-in                          €22.75/kg

Diced Pork (leg)                     €20.45/kg   


Artisan Dry Cured: GM free, no added water, no gluten, no sulfates.

Back Rashers                           €25.35/kg

Bacon Ribs                               €14.25/kg

Ham (boned and rolled)       €22.95/kg

Ham Hock                                €11.75/kg

Streaky Rashers                      €20.45/kg

Collar Bacon                            €18.35/kg

Back Bacon                              €21.85/kg   


 “Odd Bits”:

Pork Hock, Trotters                €8.25/kg

Liver, Kidney                            €7.45/kg     

Tail, Ears, Heart                      €5.35/kg

Stock Bones                              €3.50/kg

Pig Heads (without cheek)    €10 - €15

Rind Strips (bag of 0.5 kg)   €15/kg


Leaf (Pastry) lard (jar of 720 ml)     €15  (incl. €1 return fee on the jar)

Lard (jar of 720 ml)                             €13 (incl. €1 return fee on the jar)

Crackling (bag of 0.5 kg)                    €7/kg

Also available: Whole Pig cut up to your wishes, incl. rashers and sausages 

for €13.95/kg carcass weight (some 60 - 65 kg.)

Please order by email and pay and collect at the market. 

mlseighty@gmail.com         www.ethicalpork.com