From Jan. 2018 all markets have ceased and instead you are being invited (and encouraged) to buy half or whole pigs (by hot carcass weight). This will provide you with  some 45 - 90 kg pork, bacon and sausages. A small free-standing chest freezer will keep the meat in perfect condition for 6 months, if kept well frozen (max. -18*C) and not mixed with warm items.

Please order by email.

Ethical Pork will also deliver to "Pick up Points" (PUP's):

 Green Door customers: every third Saturday of the month.

I am parked near the Dublin Co-op from 11 am - 12 am.

Next PUP is on 21 April   

Leopardstown customers: every second Friday of the month

I am parked to the front of the parking area from 11 am - 12 am.

Next PUP is on 13 April

Dundalk, Virginia, Athlone customers and others: please contact me by email

 All orders will include a refundable €5 for a cooler bag (in which your order is packed). Delivery charges have now been waived. I will bring small items to the markets (sausages, rashers, mince, lard) but anything else need to be ordered and paid in advance. (see below for details)

Cost for whole or half pigs have been reduced to €9.33/kg (hot carcass weight), butcher and delivery charges are not included. Orders for whole or half pigs can be reserved by paying a €100 deposit and contacting me by email. Home delivery for whole and half pigs is €50 for Dublin (incl. motorway toll), €40 nationwide and €20 local (Cavan, Meath, Westmeath). Next pigs (all females) are available from May'18.

Please order by email and pay by bank transfer:

Margaretha Schuurmans

IBAN: IE63BOFI90351718239167